Kodi For PC: Download & Install Kodi On Windows Computer {Tutorial}

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Kodi is the latest sensation among all available media players. It is an all-purpose media player that allows users to play any media content they want. It is designed to be compatible with various devices like IOS, Android, PC, Mac etc. We can call ita single source to play all media files and it is free to download too.  Kodi is a safe software any device can use to play any media they want in HD version. It plays good clarity files with 1020p and 720p and you can play files from an external source.

Kodi is basically an open-source platform with a good customizable option. Users can change the features of the app as you wish and even change its look. There are many in-built add-ons for this app or else get it from an external source. Kodi is a modification of Xbox Media Center (XBMC) and it was an integral part of Microsoft’s first Xbox gaming console. They rebranded it as Kodi later and is a completely legal app. But make sure to play legal contents on it to avoid further complications. Windows users can download this app and watch any file they want through Kodi app.

No need to depend on other media players with very less customizable options. Many media players cannot support every version of files. But Kodi supports almost all versions of media files. You can download this app from Windows store for free. No need to go through the complex process of downloading this app. check out the minimum system requirements before downloading the app.

Download Kodi For Windows Computer PC (Latest Version) 2019

Kodi For PC
Kodi For PC
App Name Kodi APK


Latest version 17.6


Developed by XBMC foundation


Last updated 17 November 2017


Compatibility Windows Vista and above


 Minimum System requirements

Before downloading the app there should have some minimum requirements for your system.

  • The system should have minimum 1GB storage and 2 GB RAM
  • The operating system should be Windows Vista and above

Kodi app features

Kodi is an interesting app you can download to play media files on your PC. Other media players cannot be customized as Kodi and the process will be more difficult too.

Free app-: Kodi is a free media player app to download for your PC. You can get it from Windows store or from its official site

Highly customizable-: Kodi is an app which allows you to customize the player as you wish. This is possible because of its open-source feature. There are many in-built addon features to change its appearance

Supports external sources-: Kodi does not have any in-built contents. You have to download third-party plugins to play files using Kodi media player. It also plays content from YouTube or any other internet sites

Plays any file-: The app allows you to play any files such as video, audios, pictures etc. Also, it supports these files of any available format

Consumes less space-: The app won’t consume much of your device space. The app size is very less and fits well within your device easily without affecting any other apps

Legal source-: As Kodi is an open-source platform that acts as a player for any of your file. This is a legal app to use and won’t affect your device performance anyways.

Easy to use-: Kodi app is very easy to handle. There are no complex operations while using this app. Anyone can handle it without much effort.

How to download and install Kodi app for PC

Kodi For Windows
Kodi For Windows

Kodi app is available to download from Windows store. It is free, and you can use it without any complex procedures. If you are looking the official version of the app from its website download Kodi app for PC file easily.

  • When you click on Download option you can see the app for Windows version
  • There you can see two option. One is to download from Windows store and other from Installer bit(32BIT)
  • You can click on any of the two options. Download process started automatically after clicking on it
  • After completing the installation, you can set up the app on your device.

When you see the app shortcut on your PC open it. The app will be empty initially. You can customize it from built-in add-ons like YouTube, Twitch etc. Like this, there are more than 100 apps available for you to download. Get them and use the app to play any music, videos, or images through Kodi app instantly.

Final words

Kodi is a very interesting app for PC users. They can easily download it from their Play store or official Kodi website. The app is free to download but you can donate to the website if you want. Take advantage of popular Kodi Add-ons and explore the app to its fullest. While streaming illegal contents from Kodi app make sure to hide your VPN using any of the VPN protector to be on safe side. Keep visiting Kodi for PC for more such posts!

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