Kodi For iOS: Download & Install Kodi On iPhone & iPad 2019

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Kodi app is an open-source software designed to play any type of media. It can be used in various platforms such as Android, IOS, Windows and many more. Kodi is also known as XBMC and you can use it to play videos, music, images etc. with any format. Watch these files on a big screen TV without any interruption. There are many add-ons available in the app in which users can download and play files from it. The app is highly customizable and IOS users can download it without jailbreaking their device.

If you are looking for a good media player to watch any of your files get Kodi app on your device. The app itself does not has any contents. You can interface it with external website or apps to play the file you want. Kodi is a free app to download from its official website. But when you use the official version of the app it only works on the phone which already done jailbreaking.  You can get the app without jailbreaking your device using Cydia impactor. This article will help you to get Kodi app on your IOS device without jailbreaking.

Download Kodi For Apple iOS (iPhone & iPad) 2019

Kodi FOr iOS
Kodi FOr iOS
App Name Kodi for IOS


Latest version V17.6


Developed by XBMA developers


Compatibility IOS 6 and above


Features of Kodi

Kodi is the best media player IOS users can try to play audio or video files of any format. The main features of this app are

Free app-: Users can get the free version of the app form Kodi’s official website. They can download it directly from the website and play any file they want using remote control.

Easy to operated: Kodi app is simple and easy to operate. There are no complicated settings needed to make it work on your device. Anyone without much technical knowledge can use this app.

Good collection of add-ons-: Kodi app itself does not have any contents in it. You need to download contents from external sources. You can get tons of best add-ons available with Kodi like YouTube, SpotiMC, Apple iTunes etc.

Customization-: This is an open source software to play any media files. So, users can customize the app and change its appearance from available resources within the app.

With all those features Kodi holds a very good place among all other media players. There are many ways to download the app on your IOS device. Here I am explaining methods to download the app using Cydia Impactor and Tweakbox app.

How to Install Kodi app using Cydia Impactor

Kodi app can be downloaded to your IOS device from many sources. If you are downloading from the official site, you need to jailbreak your device. If you are looking for a way to download the app without jailbreaking your IOS device then use Cydia Impactor. Follow the steps as given below to download Kodi on your IOS device

  • Download IPA file of Kodi and Cydia Impactor
  • Connect your IOS device to PC and check whether if iTunes is open or not. If it is open, then close it
  • Now you can install Cydia impactor and drag and drop Kodi IPA files onto the app
  • There you can see a drop-down list. Select your device from the list and press on Start button
  • It will ask you to enter your Apple Id and password to login to your device. It will use to sign the IPA file.
  • After completing the installation go to Settings>>General>>Profiles and Devices Management and open the Apple ID you used to login to the app
  • There you can click on ‘Trust’ button.
  • Now you can open the app and start to use it

This procedure is very easy for you to follow. Cydia Impactor is a very useful app to download any app you want from third-party sources.

Downloading Kodi using TweakBox app

This is another way to get Kodi app using TweakBox. Follow the steps given below o download Kodi without jailbreaking the device

  • On your internet browser and search tweakboxapp.com
  • Download the app and install it again
  • Tweakbox will be there on your home screen
  • Open the app and search for Kodi app in it.
  • Before downloading the app open the Settings>>General>> Profiles and Devices management
  • Click under Enterprise app and choose trust button

Now you are done with the download process. Open the app and import any file you want to play on it.

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Final words

Kodi is an interesting media player for IOS users. It has many features that you cannot find in any other media player. You can get the app for free without affecting your device performance. When you play any illegal file make sure to hide your VPN using any app to protect your device identity. You can store media files or content in the player and enjoy it whenever you want. Get the app to play any media files you want and watch it from any device you want. Keep visiting Kodi For PC for more such posts!

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