Kodi APK V18.01 Download For Android (Latest Version)

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Kodi is one of the best Android open source media player available as of now. This is used by more than 30 million users all over the world. This is a free app to use and is compatible with Android, IOS (check out the post here), Windows, MAC, Chromecast and many more. It is a user-friendly app which you can use as a media player and you can control it with remote control. Other than playing music or videos you can view images, podcast etc from hard drive, internet, local networks or even from the optical disc. Kodi doesn’t have any inbuilt content. You have to use an external source to play the content using Kodi.

There is an official version of Kodi is available to download from Google Play Store and is completely free. Play any format of video or audio using Kodi app. This app contains many interesting features compared to other media players. Compatibility of the device with most of the device makes it very popular among users. It won’t take up much space of your device. Just download the Kodi APK version of the app and enjoy playing your favorite movies or music with any format. Know more about the app from this article.

Kodi app contains many add-ons that you can use to customize its looks and settings. To play contents through Kodi app you have to integrate apps with the player. There are some inbuilt apps like YouTube or Twitch. Play contents from these apps and enjoy your streaming. Other than this you can choose live TV streaming apps also to play using Kodi app. You can play any legal contents using Kodi app without any issue. While playing illegal content you should be careful about your device security. One thing you can do is to hide your proxies or private internet using any VPN apps. To know more about Kodi APK read more

Download & Install Kodi APK V18.01 On Android 2019 (Official)

Kodi APK
Kodi APK
App name Kodi APK


Developed by XMBA developer


App size 82.8 MB


Latest version V18.01


Last updated 17 November 2017


Features of Kodi APK

Kodi is an award-winning open source platform entertainment platform for digital media for Home theatre PCs. The app comes with many fascinating features and you can try it for any type of device. Users like this app because of its easy usability. APK version has many features than the official version of Kodi app. Get the APK version of the app from its official website.  Features of this app is given below

Kodi on Android
Kodi on Android
  • Kodi APK is an open source platform which users can download for free. They can easily operate them without any complications.
  • This app supports all formats of media files and is compatible with almost all Android version
  • Anyone can use this app without much technical knowledge. The app design is very simple and can operate easily
  • They update their software most often. You can set up automatic updates as you wish to get excellent added features from this app
  • There is a huge collection of add-ons available.
  • No in-built contents in this app. You need to export contents from external sources like a hard drive, DVDs, Internet resources etc.
  • This app also allows you to install any third-party plugins which can provide access to free contents
  • Safe app to download and use on any of your existing devices

How to Install Kodi APK for Android Device

  • Kodi APK is a very interesting app that lets you watch high definition video. You can find the official version of the app from the Google Play store. But if you want to explore APK version of the app with many features this guide will help you.  Kodi APK is compatible with Android 5.0 and above. Kodi is designed with a simple UI. Anyone can download and operate the app easily because of its simple design. You can complete the installation faster by following the steps given below
  • Before starting Installation first enable download from Unknown sources. You can open the Settings and choose Lock screen and security from it. You can enable unknown sources from it
  • Download Kodi APK to your device
  • Wait until download process completes
  • Open the app and install it
  • Wait for the installation process to complete and you can see the app icon on your home screen. Enjoy this amazing app for free

Note-: Kodi does not provide any content for you to play. Users can get their own content by installing any third-party plugin. Developers of Kodi is not responsible for playing the illegal file. Better safe than be sorry. You can protect your device from affecting any adversities by playing legal contents through Kodi app. Also, when you want to update the app make sure to have the official version. Any other version may fail to update.


What are the best add-ons for Kodi?

Add-ons lists get updated every month. You can check back the updated list from its official website

Is streaming using Kodi safe?

Basically, Kodi is a secure platform to play any videos. But when you play some torrent content through Kodi from a shared internet connection we cannot say that it is safe. Protect your Kodi app using a proper VPN connection and stream safely.

Does Kodi offer any content?

Kodi is just an open-source media player. If you want to play something through it make sure to download third-party plugins from it.

Can I add VPN to Kodi?

You can add VPN to Kodi in order to enhance the overall user experience. Stream content from anywhere you want and make your device secure.

Final words

Kodi APK is a useful app for users who are looking for an excellent media player. It offers you high-quality audio and video output. Control the player simply using your remote control and play whatever you want.

No need to pay for this player. Anyone can use it irrespective of your device type.  There are various versions available for PC, IOS, MAC and all other devices. Get version for any device and have full-time entertainment. Kodi is a good choice for Android users to play videos they want and watch it without any interruption. Keep visiting Kodi For Computer PC for more such posts!

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